How do you handle a challenge in your life?

Is it something you recognize? Have you been here before? How is this challenge affecting your life? Do you avoid challenges?

What’s the right answer? There is no right answer; challenges are different for everyone.

Questions are vital to handling and hopefully dismissing challenges. If there is no query you will never know what you are facing. Details are important.

Is the challenge bigger than you? Can you redesign the challenge into digestible bites? Everything seemingly negative is better if you can get it smaller.

Is it truly a challenge or are you making it up?

Notice all the questions I am already asking? You need to ask them of yourself as well.

I don’t know if one challenge can be any bigger than the next. Every challenge can make you stronger, wiser and maybe more inclined to step back rather than charge ahead. Sometimes stepping back, or even out of the challenge, opens doors to new opportunities. Do your challenges make you stronger?

What are your current challenges and how are you handling them?

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Joanne Victoria