In this episode of The Sanity Project podcast, host Joanne Victoria speaks with Os Benari, a product management executive and author of “Starting from Scratch.” They discuss the challenges of managing change and the innovative concept of fractional work. Oz shares her insights on the audio industry and the importance of resilience in career transitions. She also explains her role as a fractional CPO and the advantages it offers. The episode delves into Os’s six-step model for change management and concludes with Joanne directing listeners to Oz’s website for further resources on career development.

Os emphasizes the importance of creating a role model for personal and professional growth and how it empowers individuals.

“Audio content is more than just a trend; it’s a landscape rich with innovation and growth. Os Benari’s stint on the advisory board of Audio Burst revealed the vibrant opportunities in this space. The audio industry’s evolution is a reminder that staying curious and open to change is key to thriving in modern career trajectories.”

“The post-COVID world has thrown the spotlight on creative career opportunities, and one that truly excites is fractional work. Its potential to reshape our professional experiences was a hot topic with Os Benari. This approach not only offers flexibility but also the chance to contribute to diverse projects. The evolving work landscape is calling, and it is ripe with possibilities for the taking.”

Christine Gallagher

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