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I partner with Entrepreneurs, Solo Preneurs and Serial Entrepreneurs who want to unleash the power of their minds for personal and professional success.

Imagine – you get to put the limits on how, when and if you work overtime.

What if – you could see your friends and family for play and fun?

Consider – feeling confident in your role with company reorgs. Learn how not to panic every time you hear the word ‘reorg’.

Next – you learn to choose YOU.

What is your most urgent challenge?

Joanne Victoria is a no holds barred Coach who inspires direct action to realize gratifying results.

Remember when you rode your bike over green hills, played with your dog and drank beer with your friends? Those days are gone!

Picture this – you rise at 5AM, travel over an hour (or more!) on the freeway to get to the job that will keep you locked down until 6 PM (or later!) and it starts all over again.

I have the wisdom, insights, strategies and ideas to help you in your work and personal life.

Are You…

Dazed with fatigue and don’t know why?

Get off the freeway; it’s time for you!

Unhappy for not spending enough time with friends and family?

Ready to set boundaries in your life and work?

Unwilling to struggle anymore with work and home relationships?

It’s time to put YOU first.

Are you constantly challenged with getting others to do their best work?

Encourage your bosses & co-workers to respect you, respect how you work and respect your talent.

Worried how botched projects, downsizing and continuing reorganizations will affect your job?

Discover how to separate yourself from the internal work challenges.

This is true.

Clients say I tap into my intuition and humor.  Correct! This gives you a lively way of understanding what’s important now and direction to realize gratifying results.

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  • Do what is unexpected.