Meet Joanne Victoria

Helping Entrepreneurs Discover Their True Calling

Taking a Leap of Faith (From Coast To Coast)

At one time in the great state of New York, I managed a private airport as my day job. But deep down I knew that something greater was in store for me. I just wasn’t sure exactly what it was (yet). While I had a successful mindset and optimism on the inside, it hadn’t quite yet matched up to my own reality.

In order to further connect and nurture my own Inside Optimistic Mindset, I acted in a local community theater in my spare time. This was a great way to explore my own emotions, connect with inner feelings and desires, and also put myself into a “creative state” that I knew, in time, would spill over into my own strengths and abilities.

Then one day I decided to make a major change in my life. I knew in my heart of hearts that making the leap from New York to the iconic San Francisco Bay Area would be my next move, and a brand-new chapter, in my life. So, with 3 rambunctious kids under 10 years old, 12 pieces of beat up luggage, one adorable cat, less than $1000 to my name, and no job in sight – I took a huge leap of faith.

My passion fueled me. My heart navigated me. And I knew that fate and destiny would open up the right doors of opportunity for me if I let them. My mission was to step into the drivers-seat of my life, grab ahold of the steering wheel, and design a successful life on my terms.

I wanted to prove to both myself and others that designing a successful life could be possible, no matter what stage of life one was currently in. I knew that with the right mindset and attitude, taking proper actions, and using the power of patience that I could create the life I’d always envisioned for myself.

And that’s exactly what I did…

Making the Transition To a More Fulfilling + Prosperous Life

Once I was able to create a safe environment within myself and discover not only who I truly was, but was also able to share myself with others – everything fell into place like a puzzle. I was able to design a prosperous life that included multiple opportunities to do exactly what I wanted to do (and when I wanted to do them), the proud ownership of multiple homes, and so much more.

Looking back, I’ve been fortunate to be part of several amazing professions along my journey to success that have included being a real estate broker/owner, CFO of an investment company, owner of New Directions (a business development firm) as well as Gemma & Bixley (a coaching and consulting company).

While I learned so much from all of those jobs and had a lot of personal success, something was still missing in my life. I was ready for the next adventure and chapter in my life, and once again following my heart of hearts.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do next…

Helping Motivated Entrepreneurs Find Their True Calling

When you combine my successful track record in business and self-development, my unique sense of humor and strong intuition, and my own study and interests in Buddhism, philosophy, and leadership, what do you get?

You get one of the most well-rounded, experienced and truly qualified life coaches who’s excited to help you…

Unleash the transformative power of your own mind

Tap into your greatest strengths and corresponding talents

Remove barriers that are holding you back from your greatness

And most of all – to discover your True Calling as an entrepreneur!

Your True Calling isn’t just your next career move or trying to figure out what you want to do as a hungry entrepreneur.

Sure, these all may be pieces of the overall puzzle, but your True Calling goes much deeper…

It’s all about discovering why you exist. Your main purpose in life. Your reason for getting up in the morning. Once you can tap into this creative and inspiring state of being, you’ll quickly find that opportunities will open up for you in a number of unexpected ways.

I Don’t Just ‘Talk The Talk’ – I’ve Actually Lived It!

I’m living proof that someone can leave an entire life behind and create an even better life (and career) from scratch.

All that’s necessary is the right mix of passion, desire, faith, action, and a little help.

But trust me, my journey hasn’t been a perfect one by any means. I’ve had my fair share of self-doubts, disappointments, setbacks and feelings of failure. Not even the latest and greatest self-improvement books helped me (and there are some great ones).

What I figured out along my path to success was that success isn’t a straight and narrow path. But when you can discover your own True Calling – not only is it a huge release and a fantastic feeling of freedom – but it’ll allow you to prosper in just about every area of your life.

Over the past several years, I relocated to the Seattle, WA area, I have spoken to and coached hundreds of skilled professionals and individuals, I’ve started The Sanity Project Podcast, and I’ve written numerous articles and authored 7 books including Lighting Your Path – How To Create The Life You Want and Vision With a Capital V – Create The Business of Your Dreams.

And I’m pretty sure I can make the world’s greatest chicken soup as well. ☺

But what I’m most proud of and passionate about now is helping entrepreneurs (young and old) discover their own True Calling in order to manifest what they desire in their life – both professionally and personally.

And now I want to help YOU!

Here’s how we can start working together…

First things first. Let’s get together and meet on a free call.

I’d like to know where you currently stand in your life, what struggles you may be facing in life and business, etc. And best of all, I’ll give you some quick advice, tips and strategies that’ll get you moving in the right direction.

This call is 100% free for you. No sneaky costs. And no obligations to work with me in the future. All you need to do right now is click on the button below to reserve time for your free (and confidential) chat session with me, and we’ll be good to go!

What people are saying about Joanne Victoria

What’s so amazing about Joanne is that she is truly invested in what she does and that is to help entrepreneurs discover their True Calling with confidence and clarity. Thank you, Joanne, for having me as your guest, it was a privilege and an honor.

Lolly Daskal

Leadership Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker | Tedx Speaker | Best Selling Author: “The Leadership Gap”

Joanne Victoria has a uniqueness about her that brings immediate shifts and action towards both your personal and professional goals. She has an insightful approach towards immediately identifying where she can step in to pull out your strengths, give you guidance, and hold you accountable for action steps to achieve those goals.

Eileen Bild

Founder of the Core Thinking Blueprint Method

Joanne Victoria loves helping people define and achieve their goals. Her mastery at providing simple actions people can take to create a positive future is amazing. Joanne’s experience easily connects with audiences; inspiring them to pursue her practical action steps for success. I highly recommend Joanne – work with her to achieve more than you ever believed you could.

Romanus Wolter

Mixed Media Artist & Guide

Joanne Victoria has a great knack for moving me to the edge and helping me lift my wings to fly. She opens the window to more clarity so I see the next step and she gives me the tools to focus directly on my success. Joanne is amazing.

Sandra Brim

Artist, RE Investor & Photographer

For good advice, common sense approaches and all-around good stuff that translates to profits and sanity (at the same time!), call Joanne Victoria. It doesn’t even matter what business you’re in — she’s that good, giving more than you might expect. That’s rare these days.

Rhoann Ponseti

Owner, Ponseti & Partners, Modern Marketing

Joanne Victoria is an outstanding Life Coach. As a teacher, guide, and mentor as well as coach, Joanne helps clients not only discover their True Calling but also extends to them proven methods to design a business that will be successful. Her determination and tenacity are what drives her and subsequently her clients to move forward in life.

Joel Elverson

Executive Recruiter