People do not like to think they sacrifice one thing for another; they usually call it a trade-off; you seemingly are willing to trade-off one thing for another. Today, you are trading your freedom for your personal health and that of your family.

However, what can occur, is bitterness from a place you never knew existed because you are now out of your comfort zone. You may not have been aware that this is called sacrifice – a strong word – but the results will hit you in the face because you do not know where this pain, this pain of sacrifice, is coming from.

The pain is a result of your choices. You never thought you had to choose between these two important aspects of your life. These options may not have been of your doing, however, they affect you. How you feel is important, especially to you.

If you think risks are about sacrifice, they are, for the most part. You will need to determine what path you want to take, how your life will change when you do and how it will affect your new life.

Now is the time for an inventory of your life- your feelings, your dreams, and your desires. A life inventory is a risk because your truth will step forward and expose itself. The truth, your truth, can’t help itself, it needs to be exposed no matter what else is going on that is not in your control.

You are already frustrated so any more frustration is not a fail but a way to move you forward when the time comes. Be ready.

You will discover your true self when you take risks. When you take that risk, be it to open your own business, adjust how you live your life or change how you present yourself, you are opening yourself up to new and great possibilities.

Do it now.

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria