Peace. We talk about, expound on how much we want it, it yet our actions show otherwise.

It appears that many people want to fight. They want to fight other people, other cultures, other’s thoughts, and ideas and fight even themselves and their own decisions.

Peace is a state of harmony that is not disturbed by anything at all. What gets in the way of peace?

Even when there is no war, we seem to be fighting others. Why?

One thing is that you are tired. Who wouldn’t be tired in a world seemingly fighting with everyone’s words and desires?

Another cause of fighting is you not being compassionate with yourself, first. If you tend to put others before yourself, at your expense, you will be angry and confused.

Yet another cause of fighting is your need to be right. This reason is pervasive. Peoples’ confidence and self-esteem are so fragile, that they lash out at others at work. Leaders and employee may represent the power of your home life. As you do not want to take it out on your partner, child or dog, you take it out at work.

Insecurity is another cause of fighting at work, and even at home. Get yourself together, please. It is beyond the time that an adult who is earning a solid income, maybe even owning their own business, is perceived as insecure.

It is time for more empathy and compassion, for yourself and others. Step back and look at yourself and how you act in your daily life. Do what you need to do to have more peace in your life.

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Joanne Victoria