Watch how the world is. Choose to participate or not, however, the best thing to do is be detached from what is going on ‘out there’. It takes practice, so start practicing right away.

Instead, be here now. Pay attention to what is occurring right now in your life. This very second, your life is all about options, so choose wisely.

Stop judging anything. Once you judge anything as good or bad, you own it. And, you get to carry your judgments with you all the time.

Judgments define you like this or that. Are you willing to limit your identity to ‘this or that’?

These judgments become a burden; you are left without the energy to go for what you want.

Deal with what is in front of you. Stay in the ‘Now ‘as much as you can. Your stress levels will lower. Your work will be better. Your home life will thrive.

Are you ready to lower your stress levels? Do you want to stop being tired all the time?

Need help with your judgments? This one’s for you.




Joanne Victoria