Many people wait for the right time, the right day to make a decision about their lives. If life is truly impermanent, you may not be able to take the time to do things later.

Later is now. Call whom you want NOW, make those decisions NOW. You could always change your mind, yet it behooves you to be in the NOW, not later.

Who you are right now is what matters. What you do right now is what matters.

The Buddha says everything exists in a state of transition. Nothing stays still, either negative or positive. We all do our best to hold on to the good and to reject the bad. Both the good and both will arise again and dissolve, yet again.

The challenge is that when we try to hold on to the good, which is impermanent, we are disappointed. We think there is something wrong with us, others or the process.

“All conditioned things are impermanent’ — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.” – The Buddha

Everything has a life cycle. It comes into being, grows, ages, weakens, and decays. Plants do this, people do this, everything does this. All these things and people are impermanent.

If you accept that endings are natural and beginnings are accepted as well, you will also agree that what happiness and joy you achieved today may be different tomorrow.

If you find yourself in a place of joy right now, extend that to others in your work and home life now. No waiting for the right moment because it is at hand right now.

Each day, each moment is different from another and will only cause us suffering if you choose to hold tight to the now. If you do, you will suffer. Suffering is an attachment. Stop holding onto things and people as they are unimportant and this action defines you as being attached. When you hold on to things and people, you hold on to pain. You must release the pain and if someone or something is a part of that attachment, you may need to let that person or thing go, in the spiritual sense. Once you do that, your life will change.

The Be Your Authentic Self Program is here for you now.


Joanne Victoria