You have a lot of crap in your head, some good, some not so good. If you want more peace and more time to live a good life, you have to de-clutter your mind.

To de-clutter your mind requires a bit of patience; it is like matching sox just out from the dryer if anyone still does that. When you have a pile of multi colored sox that your family has allowed you to wash and dry, they also expect you to pair up these sox so the individuals noted can have them and use them.

This is just like mind clutter. You have all these sox in your head, some yours, most not yours. You need to get the others’ sox out of your head so you can have some of your own space and have more peace.

Others sox may be tied up emotionally in dramas and topics that are not yours; you only want your thoughts in your head. You can take others’ sox and put them into a separate mental box, or you can just let the sox fly off into the sky.

Whatever sox remain, you can now decide if you want to keep those sox.

What you want to keep can be put into an imaginary box inside your head. Keep them safe because you don’t want to lose your sox to someone else. These are your thoughts and ideas and they deserve a special space, therefore, your special mental box.

In fact, choose many mind boxes and use them for different items.

But definitely get rid of other peoples’ sox. They don’t fit you anyway.

The following program helps you get rid of unwanted sox.


Joanne Victoria