Personal power is about the mastery and control you have over your own life, period.

If someone else has command over your life that means you are not in control, that you have no choice.

That means if someone gives you gifts, let’s say money, you are in their sandbox and not in charge of your choices.

I will give you this if you will give me that is not a gift. It is an exchange of favors.

So if they manipulate you in any manner shape or form, they have the power. Your personal power.

Got it?


Let’s move on.

Personal power is something you lose if you spend time getting permission, asking for favors, whining really, and putting yourself in the position of being less than who you truly are.

Stop this right now.

When you ask for permission, that means you are not responsible. You are responsible.

Take back your personal power, the power to choose, the power to distinguish, the power to be accountable and responsible for your choices.

Consider how much power you give away when you are so busy trying to do something be it a useless task or helping others as opposed to living the life you were meant to live.

You give up authority over your own life, you are at the will of others who call you or make demands on you.

Off you go to help someone else before you help yourself!

‘It is wise to be wisely selfish. ‘ ~Dalai Lama

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You deserve to be that powerful person you truly are.

Joanne Victoria




Joanne Victoria