On 11/11/19 at approximately 4 PM Pacific Time, I had an epiphany moment. It presented itself simultaneously as a loud snap with light. (No, it was not a stroke!) I had read that 11/11/19 was to be an auspicious day, yet this exceeded anything I could have imagined.

I was reading something in a book, I cannot recall what, and this thing, this light, occurred which changed my outlook on my life as well as possibly the lives of others.

A little background. I have been creating a new neural pathway; I wanted one that was available to take on new, more positive habits. If you do not know me, you may think this is weird. Those who do know me, may also think this is weird, but maybe less so.

For a couple of decades, I have stated that I was easily bored, especially if I left one aspect of work for another. I thought OK, bored is good. Yet recently, when I was interviewed as a podcast guest the host asked me why I changed professions frequently. I did not look at it as a negative and said I got bored.

This was the first time I had a knot in my stomach when I said the word bored. I just filed it away with other data in my brain. When I had this moment yesterday, clarity became a distinctly different model.

I was not bored, I was finished; I had reached my goals and moved on.

When I left real estate sales, to go into real estate management, I did not do this because I was bored. I had reached my goals and it was time to move on.

The same thing happened when I left real estate management and moved into home building construction. My goals were achieved and I moved on.

When I left construction and moved on to personal development workshops, it was because again, I had reached my goals and it was time for something more challenging.

As I look on the word, bored, now, I see how insignificantly I viewed myself. Boredom is about being weary, uninterested, jaded and fed up. That was never me and it isn’t me now. Yet part of my brain viewed me as this boring description. This could mean I was only given information and perspective based on that view. What does a bored person need? Not much! Now I know where some of my inner battles come from, at least in part.

My current view is that if my brain, my mind, was seeing me in that way, bored and uninterested, this view affected other areas of my life.

I will continue to reflect on this to see if my new point of view is sufficient to satisfy what I want with this new, neural pathway.

What about you? Have you viewed your past habits using incorrect information? Are you beating yourself up over a misleading perspective?  Think about it and if you have any questions, please give me a call.





Joanne Victoria