Aside from Christmas being the day that celebrates the birth of Christ, the Son of God, it is also about many other important things.

Christmas is about celebration, gifts, joy, happiness, spending time with loving friends and family, food feasts, and celebrations.

Christmas starts as soon as the Thanksgiving celebration is over. This means you have about thirty days to be kind and loving to strangers as well as those you know.

We are nicer people at this time of the year, even if there are bouts of bah humbug floating around.

When someone bumps into us at the grocery store, we say, Oh, it’s Christmas! As if this is the excuse to be rude.

Yet we are nicer around this time and more forgiving of anyone (mostly!) who seemingly offends us.

We chalk it up to ‘It’s Christmas!’.

If we can be nice, kind and forgiving these thirty days or so around Christmas, why can’t we expand this generous feeling to more days, weeks and months of the year?

There is no one stopping you from being loving and caring the remainder of the year except you.

You can let someone get in front of you in line at the department store, you can put a smile on your face, you can treat people you know and those you don’t with loving kindness.

So, start doing this now. Accept the fact that this driver is going to pass you and don’t rant and rave about it as you usually do.

You can say, with heartfelt truth, ‘Have a great day! to friends and strangers.

Yes, you can be kind and aware and happy on days other than the thirty or so days that come between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You can give the best parts of yourself to others anytime you want to.

Start wanting to now.

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Joanne Victoria