You wake up, roll over and ignore your alarm. You decide not to get up and go to work. You don’t feel like it. If you are a responsible adult, there are a few times you can do this and still keep your life on track. You have responsibilities and commitments. Your not feeling like it does not really matter. People depend on you.

Do you think you are depressed or sad? Each is different. If you are clinically depressed, your doctor will be your best resource. If you are sad and bad-tempered because of so many things, mostly outside of your purview, here are a few thoughts and ideas to get you moving again.

First of all, if you are tired and not sad, take a nap or wait a few days before trying anything new or old. Just know that no matter what, aside from a doctor’s diagnosis, you can still function.

Function definition: work or operate in a proper or particular way.

You know that if you work, for yourself or others, you have shown up when sad, glad and ill-tempered. This is a matter of choice. Yet there are many people who call in sick, or don’t open the doors of their business, because they say they cannot ‘function.’ I say differently.

Again, this is a choice.

If you are sad, angry, broke or rich, you can still function.

  • If you are sad, you can function.
  • If you are in pain, you can function.
  • If you are angry, you can function.
  • If you are confused, you can function.
  • If you are broke, you can function.
  • If you are rich, you can function.
  • If you are tired, you can function.

Maybe not at your highest level, but you can function. I know people who have gone back to work two days after a heart attack; they weren’t perfect, but they functioned, maybe at a B level, instead of their usual A level. But they functioned.

We give up on ourselves too easily.

You are made of sterner stuff. Go to work, function, leave a bit early, go home and go to bed.

The next day will be better.

Excuses be damned!

Do what you are best suited to do; the more you do it, the better you will feel and be able to express to others.

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Joanne Victoria