Whether you are a Techie or a Non-Techie who works in the Techie World, your company is either successful and runs smoothly or its successful and chaotic; or it is unsuccessful and you should plan on leaving.

No matter, you feel responsible for your share of whatever it is. That’s good.

But no one else cares.

Not your dog, your cat, your bird, your spouse, your partner, your friends (except those you work with and they really don’t care as much as you do) your kids; no one else cares as much as you do.

Know that much.

So why do you bring the day’s drama home with you? Leave it at the door on your way out of work people!

OK, so you can share any problems or solutions or griping with your cat or dog; yet how often can you do this?

Your pets are not just your therapy for your work issues.

Pets are for you to enjoy and love- that safe place.

Is your personal phone connected with work? Do you check your emails at home to see what is happening to the most recent project? Disconnect your work from your personal phone now!

If you are forced to have a special work phone, shut it down as soon as you leave the office. You are human, not a machine that continues to work like the Energizer Bunny.

Choose a time to leave work every day, in advance. Use your calendar to block off time after work for you to be either by yourself, with friends or family or volunteering.

It’s your life; make it work for you and leave work at the office.

5 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Balance here:




Joanne Victoria