When a challenge occurs, immediately ask yourself what’s the intent behind the next action you’ll take. Do you want more information? Do you want to move the process forward? Do you need additional resources?

Clarity of purpose makes it easier to choose your next relevant action

No matter how prepared we are or how often we double-check our strategies, unforeseen occurrences may influence our path to success. Unexpected twists and turns can hamper our progress and stop us dead in our tracks unless we have the confidence to move forward. The confidence necessary to conquer any challenge and achieve your dreams grows from releasing the power of your thoughts.

You are what you do, not what you say or think; what will you do next to get what you want?

It would be best if you had a plan and all plans need to be in writing. I like to start on paper, then go on the computer.

On paper, you squiggle, and make notes, until something cohesive comes into your thoughts. Let these thoughts prevail. It may be different than what you originally wanted, yet these new thoughts are concurrent with your heart’s desire.

Your heart’s desire rather than your logical mind is important to pay attention to. You may have negative thoughts from the gremlin on your shoulder, however, maintain your clarity and focus on what you want, not what your brain says to do.

You will then design the plan that will get you there, all from your heart.

~Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria