To compare yourself with others implies that you are not worthy. That you are not good enough which propels you to compare yourself with almost anyone. You look around you and see people who may be in better physical shape than you; at least that is your determination. If they are, so you think, you then judge yourself and you are on a slide to internal suffering.

Your self-worth is at stake here. If you do not feel worthy, you will find yourself in constant judgement of all your actions and decisions.

Not feeling worthy or deserving can place you on path that creates confusion and longing for what you think you want. The truth is that there are two sides to the coin, worthy and unworthy and you are composed of both. This is just the way it is. You are best to remove yourself from this space ASAP.

Take some time to breathe long and complete breaths for about twenty minutes. When you find yourself calming down, look at the worthy side of the coin and tell yourself why you are worthy.

You are dark and light, positive and negative, both sides of the same coins. We all inhabit both sides, you just need help to clarify what you want and choose to be worthy.

Because you are.

Be your authentic self here-



Joanne Victoria