None of us does this, whatever this is for you, alone. If you are lucky, there are Angels along your path who give you the opportunity to succeed more than your wildest dreams.

At the very least, it adds to the story of your life.

The one I choose to talk about today is how I got into coaching and consulting by facilitating workshops, then seminars, then one-on-ones. And maybe back to seminars…

While at the end of my real estate career, where I dealt mostly with individuals, husbands and wives and investors , in purchasing and selling real estate, I was sitting in my office, alone, in Northern California.

I had come far – made money, was the first non-Broker to be elected to the local board of realtors, and constantly exceeded my prior years’ sales numbers.

I also made a lot of friends along the way. Many are still in my life.

Yet, I was bored. Looking back, I see that it was definitely time for a change, yet I had no idea at all what the new direction, the new path would be.

Lo and behold, the phone rings and it is my now forever friend Roger, Roger Marchand.

As I recall the conversation, Roger started talking about this seminar he wanted me to participate in. Okay, I said, where do I send the check?

A little back story – Roger coached a number of people on many topics, mostly personal development issues. He was also the one who referred me to several workshops, some facilitated by him and other presenters, most of them very good and beneficial to me.

On this phone call, Roger said, ‘No, I want you to present this workshop with me.’ I said I couldn’t do it. He asked ‘Why not?’. I said I had never done this before and I wasn’t qualified. We continued the conversation; needless to say, we both went on to facilitate a new workshop called – ‘The Anger Workshop’. If I look through all my documents, I am sure there are vestiges of this presentation floating around.

Roger Marchand was my Angel, with this format and other areas of my life.

I know you have had Angels in your life, you just may not have recognized them as such while in the moment. Think back and when you do remember when your life changed and how it changed and who was there to propel you, call them up and thank them.

They will appreciate it.

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Joanne Victoria