When most people quit their job, they do it because of the boss – not the job itself. A boss that is positively and actively engaged with the employees keeps the turnover rate low on the job. These types of bosses will hold people accountable for their actions, have pride and self-respect, show sympathy and empathy, and are a true leader.

If the Boss cannot manage their teams as well as company and personal goals, there will be a mess at this business. It is terrible to work at a corporation where the director is only looking to achieve ‘points’ for themselves and the employees are running wild, literally if not figuratively.

What’s to be done in a situation such as this?

Someone, preferably an outsider, has to grab the bull by the horns and take charge to put a stop to everyone’s actions.

The director has to step up, the employees have to stop whining, certainly as individuals. Imagine a company where every employee has their own perspective and announces it to anyone who will listen? A business in chaos for sure!

The employees that push back at a director or VP, will no longer have respect for this person. Without respect there will be a high turnover.

With a high turnover comes more costs to rehire; thousands and thousands of dollars to hire a train a new person.

What if they do not see the light and choose not to hire an outsider for at least the Director or VP”?

Nothing will happen and this company will be on the road to ruin.

This not an exaggeration.

Take heed in your company, stop the revolts before they occur and tend to your people.

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Joanne Victoria