How many of us have said ‘I’m fine’ when asked how we are? Especially if we are not ‘fine’, but miserable. We put a smile on our faces, keep our true self, to our self, and we move on.

Can you talk to your work mates or your boss or even your boss’s boss? Not really especially if you want to keep this information quiet.

What about talking to your wife/husband/partner/friend?

A friend outside of work may be a good one to share this one with. It is best to keep personal problems out of the office. You never know who will spread the word about your problems and how they will be received.

Negative attitudes about your personal concerns can affect your ability to advance your career.

Consider not discussing any of the following at work:

– Negative or positive relationship issues. Even positive aspects of your relationship may prevent an open conversation as some may get jealous of your great life. Really.

– Never discuss your salary with co-workers. Even workers with the same job title may have a different salary due to justified variable. You never know.

– Politics and Religion. Need I say more? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Keep yours to yourself; no need to cause discord.

Need to run your issue by someone. I can be that someone-



Joanne Victoria