Have you ever wondered why your efforts to create a better lifestyle or build a more sustainable business are not working?

You may have experienced:

Being too tired to get out of bed.

No real reason to get out of bed!

Emotions that prevent you from being as successful as you want.

Roadblocks that defy all sensibilities.

Do any of these seem familiar?

These incidents are called “tolerations”.

Discover the difference between toleration and coping. Learn how to overcome energy drainers and solve your problems.

When you eliminate tolerations, you constantly produce improvements in both your business and personal life. Tolerations are the little aggravations that waste your time and use your energy.

Let’s say you have a habit or relationship that doesn’t work for you; each time you become aware of this, you waste energy feeling guilty about not handling it. This drains your energy.

Each of us experiences at least 100 of these Energy Drainers at least once per week.

While a small toleration may seem insignificant, the cumulative effect of 30 or 40 of these is huge. To eliminate the detrimental impact of tolerations, simply eliminate one toleration each day.

Where do you start?

It makes no difference where or how you start. It’s the cumulative effect you want to reduce. Just handling a single toleration per day can produce extraordinary positive change.

Create a list of at least ten (10) things you are tolerating right now.

Choose your Top Five.

Joanne’s Vision Gem: To write anything and everything down is what makes the challenge clear and real. It should take you less time to write tolerations down, which is very important, versus just thinking about them.

Recall which worries clutter up your mind and gegetsn your way.

Coping with tolerations is usually a way to rationalize why you have to put up with these roadblocks, i.e., ’It’s not so bad;’ I have to work hard to be a success; ‘We all have to suffer for success’.

Wrong! We tolerate things in our life because we don’t think we can change them. We ignore the broken window screen, even though we could hire someone to fix it for a nominal fee. The emotional drain that this ignorance places upon us can be distressing. It is time to remove all stressors, starting with tolerations.

Plan on eliminating 5 tolerations during the next 30 days.

Eliminate the easy ones first. If you’re having a good day, you may try and take on a hard one first. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, this creates the opportunity for the easy ones to fall away too!

Remember, this is your list. No one else needs to see it. Just do it for you. Start now.

~Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria