Millennials have been talked about and scrutinized something fierce. What makes them different from everyone else; or are they?

Yes, they are highly represented on Social Media. I am sure other generations would have been on Social Media back in the day, any day, if Social Media was available. Millennials are living with the times. Good for them and why not?

Millennials don’t trust ‘The Man’ or any corporate-speak and prefer information to come from actual users. They read reviews instead of taking heed from TV or other ads. That is a smart move. I always look at worst reviews first, then go up the scale and read the good reviews last.

TV, magazine and other ads are for people who do not do their homework. Most people I know and work with do their homework and rely on themselves and a consensus. That’s great too.

At work everyone wants the same thing; to be respected and appreciated for their contributions; more open communications from the top down; and an authentic company to work for.

Millennials also want to work with great people. Who doesn’t? Is it possible that workers from over fifty years ago wanted to work with not-so-great people? I don’t think so.

Female Millennials want to take more time to care for their children, parents and partners. Women in the 1940’s and 1950’s were already doing this. They didn’t get out to work as much back then, so taking care of their entire family was prevalent.

Male Millennials choose priorities that focus on themselves.

The big thing that I do agree with about Millennials is that they want to plan more and longer breaks from work. Yay!! We should all look at taking more time for long, long breaks, or at least more frequent ones.

When I coached business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the first things I suggested, no mandated, is that they schedule one weekend a month off and one or more weeks every ninety days away from work and adjacent responsibilities. I suggest similar schedules for current clients. One weekend a month off or with your partner; one or more weeks off every ninety days, at least!

It seems we all have a lot in common with Millennials, more than we knew.

Millennials just go after what they want sooner than the rest of us ever did. Props for this and hopefully, lesson learned by other generations, past and future.

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Joanne Victoria