If you have little trust in others you may feel hopeless; hopeless in the sense that if you don’t trust others, you will most likely become paranoid and think all is coming to an end.

People who cannot trust are overworked, under-loved and sad. If you do not trust your superior, your co-workers, your partners, your team members – what kind of a life are you living? You may be in constant stress and overload, waiting for nothing because in order to have something change or improve, you have to trust someone.

The first person you can and should trust is yourself. Why do you not have any faith in yourself to complete a project, have a relationship and be happy and satisfied?

The sources of lack of trust is plentiful. The only solution is to start with yourself. You must take a leap of faith in this regard.

Give up the thought that someone is trying to harm you in anyway, whether at work or in your life. This may be difficult, however please try to look at others as you want to be seen; as a trustworthy individual.

Start asking questions of the people you have lost trust in. This can be the first step towards learning how to trust. Ask them for advice on a specific topic, then follow it. Go back to that individual and say ‘Thank you!’ so the communication cycle is complete. It is a beginning.

Focus on what is working, not on any negatives.

You cannot have any relationships without a sense of trust. In marriage or other personal relationships, if you do not trust your partner, the relationship may be doomed to failure.

On your road to trust, always say ‘Thank You.’ A good many thank yous will take you a long way to success and trust.

Celebrate your successes along the way and practice trusting yourself first, then others.

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Joanne Victoria