I was interviewed by Eileen Bild for this previously posted piece in 2016. Eileen and I have since become friends and we support each other’s dreams.  Our interview still stands as solid information and education for others to learn from. I thought it was time to bring it back for all to read. Enjoy!

EB: You are a Transformational Leader. Tell me more about what this means.

JV: I am able to see and share the Big Picture and the Big Vision. As a result, the minds of individuals expand so they can see a different reality. As observation determines reality, their minds expand and most individuals are able to see things differently. This is the path to transformation.

EB: What would you say is your brand of thinking that has helped you to achieve your level of success?

JV: My brand of thinking is that all things are possible. We are here on this planet to be of service of others. If one can do that, we are doing well. I follow my instincts and in most instances, they have proved to be the right way.

EB: You had a vision for what you wanted in life. How did you go through the process in order to manifest this vision?

JV: My life vision has changed over the years. First, I was a married mother of three. Then I was a divorced mother of three. In these instances, my vision was survival. When I moved from New York to California, I witnessed different and more possibilities. I was in survival for a while; I used my past work experiences to get my first solid job in California. I was able to improve my skills (bookkeeping, administrative services, communication, management) to the point that I upgraded my life considerably to CFO of an investment company and more. My vision then became purchasing a home for my children and providing a legacy for them. As I upgraded my positions, my vision also expanded. I knew I was meant to directly help people live a life of success, joy, and happiness.

EB: How do you maintain a positive attitude through potential roadblocks?

JV: I reframe any roadblocks as opportunities. I ask what’s possible, what’s missing, and what is my next step. I also slow down and back away from any roadblock for a while in order to see it clearly.

EB: What has been the most defining moment in your life that steered you in the direction to find your passion and purpose?

JV: I met an interesting person a long time ago that predicted I would help people and use my intuition to do so. Then, I met another person who said the same thing. I barely knew what intuition was! So I researched, studied, and discovered how intuition worked and how I could integrate this with my soft and hard skills. This moment in time changed everything.

EB: Is there something you know now that you wish you knew then that could have made the path towards success just a little easier or smoother?

JV: What I know now that I wish I knew then was to trust myself completely. If I had trusted myself, my path, my skills, my choices, entirely, without hesitation, my journey towards success would have been much easier.

EB: You specialize in building a foundation in innovative, creative, and intuitive thinking. Tell me more about this.

JV: Learn what you can, and then learn more. The more you learn about what you choose to do in this world, the further insights your intuition will provide. First, build the four walls of your foundation, and then you can build what you like – or even redesign as you move forward.

EB: What is your favorite quote?

JV: “Never give up.”

EB: What has been the biggest challenge to overcome and how has it made you stronger and maybe even a little bit wiser?

JV: I don’t know if one challenge has been any bigger than the next. Every challenge makes me stronger, wiser, and more inclined to step back rather than charge ahead. Sometimes stepping back, or even out of the challenge, opens doors to new opportunities.

EB: Any words of wisdom for those who have the drive and desire to achieve their highest potential but maybe struggling a little?

JV: Struggling is OK if it is not wrapped up too tightly with stress. However, the struggle may never be necessary. It comes down to choice. What do you really want? How can you get there? There is more than one path to what you want. Find others or talk to people you trust who will help open a door and let in some light on the subject.

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