Cats can’t talk, at least like us humans can. Cats can give you some signals about what they want and how they feel, however, every signal is not tried and true, just a possibility. I know I talk to our cat and I am certain that she understands me. Maybe it’s just me.

The cat was not well recently and could not translate her illness into words. However, she could make certain moves that support her ill health. She was neither eating nor drinking water. She was tired and listless. And she appeared dehydrated.

A decision was made to take her to the vet’s office and the vet was able to handle the cat’s health issues, to a degree. The cat couldn’t tell her about all its issues.

People have the ability to use their words, if they want to. When a person does not feel well, sometimes they get grumpy and shrug their shoulders and walk away. Denial works for a while.

People have the ability to speak out about anything. Yet they don’t always do this.

People could speak out about how they want more money, how they feel, what is bothering them, what their thoughts are and many more things.

The problem is, people have this capability and do not always use it.

As long as we are more capable than cats in the talking area, why don’t we speak up more, in a legitimate fashion? Not to whine about what is outside themselves, i.e., politics, gossip and so on but who they are and why they are and how they are feeling.

Cats cannot speak using verbal hints, but people can. It’s about time they asked for what they want. I wonder why people do not ask for what they want. They have a voice, right?

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Joanne Victoria