After I finished a recent speaking engagement, one of the participants came up to me and very proudly showed me a large envelope. Inside this envelope was a yellow pad, with each page and line filled with writing.

This was Larry’s To-Do list. I ‘m a fan of lists, however, this was beyond anything I had ever seen.

I asked Larry how I could help him. He stated that he had so many things on his To-Do list that he didn’t know where to start.

After we chatted for a bit, I suggested that we set up an appointment as his dilemma was way too complicated for a quick fix, which is what he wanted.

We set up an appointment and when we met, among other things, we discussed context. There was no framework to Larry’s list, it was all -inclusive, from getting his lawn in shape to bucket list items.

We discussed a Life Vision, which he did not have. We discussed Values & Principles of which he had a few, was not firm on any of them and in fact need some real values in his life.

When you have a Life Vision, you have goals or outcomes you want to achieve to support that Vision. These goals tend to have a process within them in that you start from here to get to there. Getting to there, the outcome you want to achieve, is detailed with each level requiring specific actions.

Larry and I had a few sessions so he could have clarity and focus on the outcomes he wanted as well as design a Life Vision for himself.

In order to get rid of his huge To-Do list, I suggested that Larry break everything down to three (3) High Value Activities daily.

This HVAs could include business, home, health, anything he wants to accomplish in his life.

The digestible bites made it quite easy for Larry to complete his daily HVAs and get back to sanity.

Six months after our first session, Larry came to me with that original envelope. Inside the envelope were ashes of the yellow pad. He had created context in his life and was ready, willing and able to let go of the massive list and stick with three daily High Value Activities.

Need help? Just ask.


Joanne Victoria