Yesterday was beautiful in the Pacific North West, almost like our summers. I went to the beach to sit near the water and lay down in the warm sand, with a blanket under me of course!

The beach was filled with moms, dads, kids and seniors, but not crowded.

I stayed under the beach umbrella on my blanket for quite a while then I felt something odd. The ground felt cold and damp. The sun was out and it took me a minute to realize that the reason the ground was cold and damp was because the sun had not cooked it enough as it was and is still March.

I left the beach, a bit disappointed yet exhilarated that I got to spend any time on the beach in March, cooked or uncooked sand notwithstanding.

How many times have you presented a new idea to your peers and then realized it was not done, not ‘cooked’ yet? You knew it going in, yet you thought you could make it work. It didn’t and you couldn’t. You did not look good to your colleagues but you were so anxious to tell everyone about your new idea that the fact it was incomplete didn’t matter. It did matter and it does matter if you send in incomplete work.

Cold and wet sand is not fun; neither is standing in front of the room with incomplete thoughts and ideas. You know you’ve done this; it is not your best work.

Make it your best work each and every time, complete the process and wait for the sand to be warm before you set up your umbrella.

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Joanne Victoria