Do you feel special in that very special way? The way that says you are better than anyone else? Or that you are not better than anyone else? Either way, this is about your ego.

The ego does not have to be arrogant and showy; it can also be small and hide in the shadows.

Either way, you are being run by your ego; many of us are.

Do you have to win every argument in your life? That’s your ego talking.

Do you feel jealous of others and their accomplishments? That’s your ego again.

If you are about where you live, what you have and what you do and are concerned with what others think of you, this is your ego. All of the above separates you from the rest of humanity.

But you are not separate from others.

A healthy ego is built on core beliefs that are based in love. An unhealthy ego is built on core beliefs that are based on fear.

You cannot avoid, escape or destroy your ego. However, you can understand ego as something that you can work with, live with or just stay a smart-ass of righteousness.

Ego impedes happiness as it gets in the way of realization by your need to compare yourself to others as relates to education, location, acquisitions, and things that are not who you truly are.

Your True Self is filled with possibilities. Your ego-self is limited to your thoughts. These thoughts are yours or a consensus of the people you spend time with and identify with.

The transcendence of ego is what brings you to the path of consciousness. The thoughts you think are not worthy of you, especially if they are negative thoughts and limit you from feeling the love.

Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria