The world is your stage and you are the star of the show. Are you in doubt about this? Have others attempted to sway you or do they tell you that your way will not work?

If your methods or choices work for you and the dream you have is real for you, keep on going.

Never give up whatever you are doing with your life right now. If what you are doing or want to do is part of your life plan, keep on doing it.

If you need to make adjustments, make them. if you need more education, get it. If you need more space, create it. If you need to modify relationships, do it. if you need to change your job, do it. If you need to have somebody help you, find them.

You have a gift. You are here on this planet to give that gift you were born with. Let the world see your gifts. Stop hiding your gifts. Shine a light on them instead.

Know that you can succeed and know that you can never ever give up. You just keep on going. You have a gift to give and you are obliged to give this gift to the world.

Your only choice is to let the world, your world, enjoy your gift. This is your path and if you are on your path and need to adjust your path – go a little bit left a little bit right or go full circle a hundred eighty degrees around – you do that. Listen to your heart; trust your intuition because this is what you need to do. For yourself and the world.

Be your authentic self here-


Joanne Victoria