We have all seen or heard loud, arrogant or soft and subtle corporate leaders. Whether loud or soft, they make a statement and it is all about ‘me-me-me’; it is not about their employees and certainly not their customers.

What about the quiet successful leaders who are satisfied with their jobs, their employees as well as their willingness to move forward and bring the team along with them.

These leaders are humble. What is the truth about humility?

Humility is about the lack of pride, pride being about competition; humility is also about placing the needs of others before yours.

Humility is a great strategy for a leader; some leaders need a bit more humility. Humility is about showing vulnerability and people want to see some of this openness in their bosses. It shows humanity.

Servant Leaders extend their humility to their employees and the companies they lead and insist on doing the right thing. This leads to more successful organizations as well as greater profits, which is shared by all, not just the few.

Humble leaders work for their company, not just themselves. They place others ahead of themselves. They endear their employees to them, making employees loyal to the shared outcomes.

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” 
Rick Warren, Author, The Purpose Driven Life

Humble leaders pay more attention to the front line and are willing to accept feedback from their employees.

Is your corporate leader humble or prideful?

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Joanne Victoria