Work/life balance is about peace. When you are at peace with yourself, you will make choices that easily work for you.

It is difficult to be at peace if you are suffering which means you are in a negative space. Negative emotions are at the result of labeling. It goes directly to your fears. Your fears are both real and not-real. Real because you are attached to them, are holding on tight; not-real, because you made them up.

If you have a desire that your life today is not like your life ten or more years ago, you suffer. You are clinging to the past which incurs more suffering. Your past is gone. Your life is today and your life tomorrow will be different yet again.

Don’t cling to what might have been, how you may have looked better twenty years ago; this part of your life is over. You are you today.

Enjoy your life, your work, just as it is today.

You sometimes think if you get a different job, choose a different partner, lose weight, your life will change. All you are doing is thinking that if you get rid of or change something about yourself, you will be happier or more at peace.

This will not work. Listen to these thoughts as they come up, briefly, without judgement, then let them go.

Let go of holding on to thoughts that will never change your life. It is the holding on, the grasping, the huge desires you have that will interfere with your sense of peace, therefore you will not have any work/life balance.

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Joanne Victoria