Telling the truth is like riding a bicycle. No matter how out of practice you are, it’ll come back to you. We are missing out on truth-telling. We lie to ourselves over and over again, not willing to look at who we truly are. We complain about others, in most instances where we have no power.

The truth I am talking about is about you, not someone else. To think you are telling the truth when you tell a friend that they are fat, or they do not look good today, is not truth-telling, it is criticism. Criticism is covert and comes from anger. Being passive/aggressive is not what I am talking about.

What I am talking about is you, yes you! The only world we have power over is our own entity. Now may be the time for you to take care of your health instead of waiting for someone else to pay for your health care. It is time to take care of your financial life instead of living in a welfare state. It is time to center yourself, any way you can, so that you are powerful and intact.

Who are you spiritually, emotionally, and financially? Learn to tell the truth about these things and leave the criticism of others, to those who have nothing better to do than follow the path to self-destruction.

“Faith is taking the first step even though you can’t see the staircase.”

As a colleague of mine says, it doesn’t matter how well you walk the path if it’s not your path. Finding your own path and walking it in light is a gift you give yourself. No one else can do it for you. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses this gift.

Fortunately, you can!

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Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria