I recently wrote about Susan who is a new hire at a global technology company. A response I had to this scenario asked what to do if the boss did not want to meet Susan for lunch.

I suggested Susan ask for time with the boss after work.  I also suggested that Susan could speak directly to her new team. She is a member after all. My suggestion also pointed out that diplomacy is vital in the corporate world.

Many people think that confrontation is the key to multiple issues they have in their lives. One problem with confrontation is that it is aggressive. Remember, what you start you have to be able to finish.

What Susan can do is talk to the team – as a group is the best option. She can offer her expertise and experience to them as well as the skills for the position she was hired to complete. She  can design  action plan and direct it to the Alpha person on the team.They will respond in some manner; hopefully it is a positive dialogue. Susan can  continue to communicate with the team and consider what works best for her.

Corporations have an enormous amount of fluidity with their many employees. They come, they go at a rapid rate. Susan does not fit into this picture. She wants to stay at this firm for many reasons.

More importantly, she wants to fit in as best she can. Remember, as best she can. Nothing is perfect in life, so this may not be a perfect fit, just a fit that works Monday through Friday.

~~ As a neutral third party I work well with teams who want to succeed.

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