We all want to achieve success in our lives and in our work but are often uncertain of the best first step.

We also want certainty, which does not exist.

When you encounter a new decision point in your daily routine, you can instantly evaluate it. Your instincts immediately trigger a response to your past experiences, education or other lessons. This moment, if captured without your mind censoring it, becomes your next right step.

This instant blip, what many label as a hunch or feeling, instead exposes what’s real. People who experience this blip frequently recognize this feeling as the reality of the situation. Your ability to move through a situation as it occurs leads you to your next right step, and to achieve the task at hand.

We make countless decisions every day to move ourselves forward in our lives and careers.

Unfortunately, the need to make the correct decision often stops us in our tracks because of the many ‘What ifs’ that arise.

‘What if people get angry when I ask for a decision?’ ‘What will people think of me?’ ‘When will they trust me?’

Rather than quickly dismissing what you feel, tap into the power behind these strong thoughts. These thoughts are connected with the reality that crossed your path in the past and bear powerful solutions that will be revealed once you listen to them. These authentic insights prepare you for success by leading you to your next best step.

Do you know what that power behind your thoughts is? It is your intuition.

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Joanne Victoria