Time to look for a new job.

The dilemma is always, do I want to be an employee or a contractor? Sometimes there is no choice even if there are more contractors in your field than employees.

You update your resume, post to all the internet job sites for your field and wait for a bit. You need to take more action. Check on Linked In now!

First, ask yourself what you want and what company most satisfies your needs.

At least you do know that you want to have a job where they appreciate your skills, compensate you financially for them and be treated with respect and kindness.

At least respect. Kindness is a rare commodity in large corporations.

Time to fend for yourself. Your skills need to line up with the position you’re seeking. Check!

Know that you have to be yourself. No false notes on your resume and no false notes in your conversations, either via phone or in person. Check!

You need to be the authentic you, not put on a front that will ultimately confuse others. Be distinctive by being relaxed, confident and appreciative of the support you receive from those who contact you.

Be nice. An old-fashioned word, yet relevant. It costs nothing to be polite and agreeable. After all, you did say you wanted to be treated with respect a kindness. Give what you want to receive.

The phone rings a lot, recruiters are talking with you every day; you discard agencies that don’t understand who you are and how you function and keep the top best agencies numbers and email address. You also get referrals for jobs which is better than anything else.

You are very close to the job that will work best for you; a good fit, cultural alignment and the salary and benefits you want.

Be your Authentic Self here-


Joanne Victoria