Loving kindness is a powerful tool. Use it with your breath and uncover how you feel about yourself. Are you worthy of loving-kindness? Yes, you are and so are the people in your life. Loving-kindness and compassion are close relatives.

You deserve love. We all deserve love, especially you. The first and best person to love you is yourself. Weird, huh?

You cannot love someone or anything else well unless you love yourself extremely well.

Extend loving kindness to yourself at all times. This act will travel and encompass anyone you want, especially those close to you at home or work.

What would happen at work if you had a circle of love and kindness around you? It’s catching and others will feel that energy. Whether they recognize whether or not this energy comes from you doesn’t matter.

Imagine how productive you will be when you are loved and when you are cherished just for being yourself. Imagine the success you can achieve if you are loved, not wandering the desert seeking attention from others.

Imagine how easy your life will be when you are loved, especially by yourself.

Start now because you never know when you will need the feeling of love.

~Joanne Victoria



Joanne Victoria