Stop something for one day. Just one day..or for one hour, You know what I mean.No phone, no computer, no tablet.

Stop something new every day. Create more space for yourself to observe, meditate, walk.

Stop talking for one day; for one hour.

Do this now and as often as possible.

Look all around yourself. See how other people live their lives. Watch how people hurry along. Look at how others work. Do they bring their soul to work?

Are they having any fun along the way?

What do you see when you look at your life?

Listen to your thoughts; to what others are saying. Listen to what you are really hearing. Listen to the silence. Listen to your critical voice that says you ‘should’.

Listen with your heart.

Get ready. Make a list of what you want. Make a list of your personal dreams. Regroup. Is your personal/business life the way you want it to be? Can you reinvent your work?

Get ready for the journey. Who will you play with now?

Get set. Plan; prepare. Check-in with your family. Do they want to play in your sandbox? Set your life up the way you want it to be.


Action is required. Do it now, no matter how much prep is still to be done. better done than perfect. The time to fly is NOW!

Conditions will never be better.

Go for it.

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Joanne Victoria