Self-pity should not sabotage any aspect of your life, especially your success.

Whether you lost the job you had, cannot find the job you want, or your team has let you down, now is not the time to wallow in self-pity.

You are strong or else you wouldn’t have gotten this far in your life. Whatever is going on with you it is just another bump in the road and a way for you to learn more about yourself and what you want.

Okay, life does not seem to be fair for you right now; however, ‘fairness’ was never a given in anyone’s life.

First, stop placing your focus on everything that has gone wrong in your life. Dwelling on negativity will take you down a rabbit hole without any friends to support you.

Instead, make a list of your successes. You have had many so don’t let whatever is going on deter you from moving forward with strength and courage.

Stop hosting your pity party and figure out a solution to the problem, that is if there really is a problem. Some people make up problems all the time in order to suffer. Suffering can sometimes feel nice and comfy.

Not you though! You focus on your next step, the next bridge you can build, the other people you can connect with, all to help you help yourself.

Be grateful for everything you have, all that you have learned to date and make a decision to move forward with confidence and courage.

No one else will ever be as determined as you are for yourself. Take it one step at a time.

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Joanne Victoria