Everybody does it. I do it, you do it, everyone does.

What is this all about you say? It’s about comparing ourselves to others in many different ways.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social Media is hot today, you always look at others number of posts, tweets, group members and think you need more of what they have, whatever that is.

Your self-esteem just dropped another notch.

You think the new person on your team is a plant because they are smarter than even your manager.

Down one more notch.

You compare yourself to others in your own family and maybe, just maybe, consider yourself not as integrated into the family as they are. What’s wrong with you?

Down yet another notch on the ladder.

You compare yourself to everyone else in your specific field and you know they must be smarter, more educated and drive a better car than you.

Lo and behold, you are down another notch, yet again.

Before you get to the very bottom and wipe out whatever self-esteem is remaining, stop. Stop comparing yourself to anyone else about anything else. Now.

When I conducted a woman only seminar a while back, each participant picked a name out of a hat, did not read the name on the tag and placed it on their person so others could read it. The label held the name of a famous woman and the audience would call out adjectives for that name in order for the woman in front of the room to guess whose name she was wearing.

Amazingly, this did not take very long to guess for most participants.

The point was to show these workshop participants that they had similar qualities of the name on the tag. This only helped to increase their self-esteem as they understood these positive qualities can belong to anyone.

Choose the good qualities of the new person on your team and see how they relate to you.

Know that any connections you have on Social Media are quality people. Quality instead of quantity still wins. Others would say quantity is the key.

Don’t let comparing yourself to others get in the way of your self-esteem and confidence. It’s really not worth it.

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Joanne Victoria