The past is forever out of your control but forgiveness is not.

Who do you blame for the current state of your life? How long have you held on to this grudge?

Nothing will change in your life unless and until you forgive those from your past who you think have damaged you.

That’s it and yet it is not an easy task.

Everything is held in our bodies, good things, bad things all the memories and feelings you have been hanging onto that are not healthy along with those that are healthy.

You need to distinguish the difference between good and bad now.

You must let go of the blame and anger you still hold onto that makes you feel righteous. It is not right for you to hold on as it diminishes you, the incident as well as the individual you accuse of harming you.

What if your decisions got you here, to this place? Are you going to hold yourself in bad form for being the one to create this life you now have?

First you have to decide what you want right now. Do you want to feel stronger? You can only do that in this instance by forgiving yourself and the others you are still holding in contempt.

The resulting anger that is held in your body, no matter who harmed you, will make you an unlikeable human being.

You may not make as much money as you think you should

You may not have the relationships you think you should.

You may not be very happy with your life. It is your choice.

I say choose to forgive yourself and whoever the others are.

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Joanne Victoria