You are the best you in the world, however, if you are constantly distracted by either boredom or what is going on in the world, it is time to get back to your life plan or vision or both

It appears to be very easy to be distracted right now. You may be glued to your TV news or you gossip with friends and family with all that is going on right now (there is ALWAYS something going on out there) and these activities are moving you off purpose.

Your purpose is to contribute to this planet in as many good ways as possible. To prevent you from being distracted, you need a plan and you must stay on this plan. Everyone is counting on you as you are the missing piece.

You may wonder what I mean about you being the missing piece. If you have ever asked yourself about why you were born, why you are here, look at this place as a huge puzzle; you are a piece of this massive puzzle. You do not need any annoyances or distractions to take you off your path. Your piece is needed to add to the puzzle to assist others in making a difference.

What or who are the distractions in your life? Are you looking for the newest, shiny object everyone else is talking about? What do you think is standing in the way of you getting what you want and helping others?

To be distracted means you are losing focus on what it is you really want. The first step is to determine if what you are doing in your life is what you want to do. If so, act on it. If not, find out what you are doing here.

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Joanne Victoria