Joe is employed by a global telecommunications company and has been there for over 15 years. Joe is miserable, bitter and unhappy. He sits in his corner of the world to complete all the necessary work given to him that he seems to complete well enough that everyone leaves him alone.

Kieran is a new hire, young and enthusiastic, and often sees Joe in his corner. He asks others about Joe. Kieran is advised to do his own job and ignore Joe. Kieran, being young and positive in all areas of his life, thinks he can change Joe and help Joe to be a happy person.

Of course, anything is possible. However, as he gets closer to Joe’s space, he can detect an energy from Joe that is not happy but bitter and dark.

Kieran’s co-workers tell him to stay away from Joe. Kieran thinks about this and decides to push through and speak to Joe.

Joe sees Kieran coming and stares at Kieran and asks what he wants. Kieran says he wants to be friends.

Joe says ‘I don’t need any new friends. Leave me alone to do my job.’

Kieran pushes back and stays in Joe’s area. Joe again gives Kieran fair warning and says if he comes closer, he will report him to their mutual manager.

What should Kieran do now?

Well, he should back away because anyone who has carried on a miserable, bitter unhappy life will only make Kieran unhappy over time.

Bitterness and unhappiness are catching and you cannot save anyone else from how they choose to live their life.

What about you? Are you close to joy, happiness and cheerfulness or in a bitter land of unhappiness and anger?

Choose well and remember, others depend on you being in their lives. Choose to be a better example than Joe.

Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness with Jordan Gross



Joanne Victoria