The huge global company you work at has just acquired another semi-huge company, so your corporation is in yet another reorganization mode.

You’ve been through this before, however, as a contractor, your antennae are always up to hear what you can about upcoming changes.

The new company that is purchased had numerous employees. Some will be laid off; however, the C suite will be coming over to the Mother Ship.

So far, so good, for you that is.

Alas, you’ve just heard that a several employees of your company are being demoted or asked to leave.

High powered consultants have been brought on board to determine who from your company, both employee and contractor alike, will be looking for new jobs.

A month goes by. No changes, yet.

Time marches on. You hear gossip that Lucy and Joe and others, all executives, have been let go.

You breathe a bit easier as you are not an executive. Whew!

You figure you have worked at this company for a few years, your work is well received, you are on teams that need to remain viable. You are covered, right?

They need and want you, they respect you, sort of, even if you are a contractor, an outsider.

The public does not know that as a contractor at this company, you are not a part of any big picture or events or training or paid vacation or personal time off or any benefits the company has bestowed on full time employees.

With a sigh of relief, you sit back and think ‘I got through another reorg! Yay.’

Then the dreadful call comes from your agency.

No notice, you are out of a job. Right now.

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Joanne Victoria