Holding on to anger and resentment creates a bond between you and what or who you are angry with. The more we hold on the more difficult it is to forgive the situation or individual.

The more you hold on the more unpleasant you get; you become unpleasant in thoughts, words, and deeds.

Give it up..give up your righteousness and forgive yourself first.

Forgiveness does not mean you forget the instance-  the situation that made you angry.

Love of course disperses all the anger. However, on the way to love’s delights and a happy life, you need to forgive.

Just that- forgive.

Your anger paralyzes you. It stops you from being successful, honest, and happy.

Forgiveness heals those parts of you.

To hold on to your righteousness is just plain silly. You think it is good to do so, yet you will not realize how silly it is until you shift your mind and forgive.

First, forgive yourself. Work on this daily for a while and see how your anger starts to fade. Make this a project as it is about you, at least for now.

Once you have healed yourself, forgive the person or situation that you are growling at, the reason you are angry.

This forgiving action is a solo endeavor. You do not have to forgive the issue or individual in person!! Many use this as an excuse not to forgive others.

With forgiveness comes diminished grief.

With forgiveness comes healing.

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Joanne Victoria