Where do you go and hide by yourself, all alone with no way for anyone to find you?

Private time should be the first thing you put into your schedule. Notify your family what this is and that you need some peace, that it is not personal, that this is important to you. If they do not understand its importance to you, over time this will get it as they will see you taking action on it. Your attitude will change as well.

The dog won’t stop barking, you can’t sleep, your partner is ignoring you, your work team just wants to play computer games and your manager is waiting for you to finish your end of the deal about the latest project.

And you? You want to run and hide just for an hour. Maybe even half an hour, just to get some peace and quiet!

Obviously, you have not carved out any time for you, the most important person in your life. If you are not the most important person in your life, you will never have the energy to be with others and contribute at home or at work.

So, what now?

First, just leave wherever you are at. Right now. If you are at work, go out to lunch alone. If you are at home, go for a walk. Or lunch, or something. Just so you are alone. Make that decision now.



Joanne Victoria