I went to see the Avengers: End Game a couple of days ago. My local movie-plex has sixteen theaters; ten were devoted to Avengers: Endgame. The compilation of movie theaters includes one IMAX 2 D, one IMAX 3 D, one regular 3 D, one Dolby Cinemas and the remainder Standard Screens including three theaters with adjustable lounge seats. Twenty-eight showings per day (and night!)!

It was reserved seating all day long. Twenty-four hours prior, when I went to purchase advance tickets, there were scatterings of single seats throughout all the theaters. It took a lot of scrambling to find two seats together. Found them! Yay!

I forgot to read the fine print and was in a 3 D theater! Oh, well. Put on those 3 D glasses!

Why this rush to go to the movies? I did not want to be exposed to spoilers. It’s that simple. I usually go to see very popular films about three weeks or so after release. This time, no way! After one day, many were sharing spoilers all over the place even if they said ‘no spoilers here!

On top of all this commotion, the film went on to make $1.2 Billion Dollars worldwide in its opening weekend. Avengers: End Game broke and will continue to break box office records.

More heartening still, the climactic episode, “Avengers: Endgame,” succeeds at its daunting task: summing up an epic struggle with bedazzling action. -Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

This was and will continue to be an historical recorded event in 2019.

The major recorded events in 2018-2019 are all negative. I won’t even name them.

What power film has, what power marketing has, what power people have to help make this happen.

What power do you have?

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Joanne Victoria