Managers at all levels need training. Many businesses promote people to management status because they are good producers. There is a huge difference in being a good producer versus being a good manager.

New front-line managers need training in soft skills. If they are used to working solo, how will they be able to interact and communicate effectively? They need help.

Managers need to recognize their own limitations. Awareness about who you are as an individual, including all their own strengths and weaknesses, allows managers the opportunity to understand and achieve success. A good manager and an effective leader need to know their own skills in successfully communicating with their team.

As a producer, your communication is usually with your team mates, people on your own level.

As a manager, you need to be able to communicate with all levels of people, including the stakeholders. What are the goals for your team? Are you able to articulate these goals and get your team on the same page?

Clarity of purpose is a skill that can be learned. Motivating your new team requires you to learn how to inspire others to take your advice and guidance. You must be confident to do this. It would be ideal if your company invested in an internal management and leadership programs to help train leaders to succeed.

Problem solving is another soft skill that managers, especially new managers, need to learn. What do you do if one of your team members or direct reports has a personal issue that affects their job? Are you able to resolve possible emotional and workplace issues without referring an individual to HR or your own Boss?

With a lot of patience, self-learning and support for your work team, you can be an effective first-time front-line manager.

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Joanne Victoria