You always see your Life Vision in your mind.

Without a Life Vision, you will have nothing to aspire to except the daily grind.

You will dry up, burn out and your spirit will die.

Without a clear Life Vision, you are constantly reactive to life’s daily challenges.

You go up and down the emotional scale, from joy to fear, just by reading the newspaper.

Your Life Vision gives you a focus to help your imagination make possible what you thought was impossible. Vision helps you create a plan of action to achieve what you really want.

You have a Vision for whatever business, practice or service you provide.

You just don’t know it yet, or maybe you do. Either way, you must redefine your original vision or imagine a new one.

With a true Life Vision, all your decisions are easily made, because all your decisions are in alignment with your Life Vision.

It is not so much about a good enough Life Vision, but a Life Vision that is clearly visionary.

Add these to your ingredient list as part of Your Life Vision:

~ Where are you living?

~ How do you provide for yourself and your family?

~ What do you do for fun?

~ How do you contribute to your community?

~ Who do you spend your time with and why?

These questions are just a few that need to be answered in your Life Vision process.

Why not get a head start now?






Joanne Victoria