What we all need now during these interesting times as well as the Holidays is patience.

Your family wants to go look at all the Holiday lights on houses, you want to sleep.

Your Mom and Dad wonder when they are going to see you again, maybe at Christmas?

Your friends (mostly the single ones) want you to come out and play.

Your partner wants your help with wrapping presents, putting up the tree, and spending time with them; you still need that nap.

Your client wants your project done, now!

The traffic has gotten worse if that was even possible.

The weather is dark and gloomy; or even filled with unforeseen snow.

Everyone is in a bad mood; rushing at the last minute to get others’ gifts.

You still need that nap.

It is time to practice patience.

Forego anger or petulance; it will do you no good.

Find a bit of quiet space (car? bathroom?) and breathe deeply. Know that everyone appreciates you; they are just following the holiday chaos.

Breathe, look yourself in the mirror and resolve to do your best.

After all, times like these only happen once a year.

Or do they?

Spend some sane tiem with me here.

Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria