Lists are vital especially if you want to create balance and success in your life. Writing a list of the tasks for your personal and work goals saves immeasurable time.

You can use an app for note taking and list making, but I prefer pen and paper.

First of all, when you write anything by hand there is a direct synapse connection to your brain that keeps the words alive. It’s all about the combination of hand movements, touch and brain function.

In fact, your brain recalls more information when your list is written by hand instead of on a device.

And you don’t want to have an active device next to your bed when, in the middle of the night you have a great idea. The device itself can keep you up at night.

That’s what the pen and paper on the nightstand next to you are for.

Solutions come when you brain is at rest, either nighttime or when meditating. This is the time when your consciousness provides you with ideas and solutions to challenges you may be facing.

If you have any goals, big goals, you also have a system for this goal to become reality. There will be times when you receive fragmented thoughts that fit into the puzzle piece of your goal. Use this information wisely. Write it down then ponder at another time to see how it fits into your goal.

If you have forgotten something you deem important, this thought may reach out to you when you are relaxed. Have that notebook with you to add this thought to it.

Make a list before your current days end that includes all the tasks you want to attend to the following day. In most instances, a portion of this list will be completed without you ever having to take more action, except to acknowledge it and see how it fits into your life.

Yes, of course, I have a notepad on my nightstand next to my bed. I also have a notebook that I carry with me and several notepads and pens throughout my home.

As smart as we think we are, we will not recall all the various thoughts we have. You need to write it down as soon as possible.

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Joanne Victoria