Are you brave? When you hear or see the word ‘brave’ do you think of First Responders and mothers who lift up their cars to save their children?

I am talking about everyday fears, everyday bravery, for everyday people.

It is brave to attempt to get that promotion or new job you say you want. It is brave to go after high level customers which would be a new thing for you. It is brave to step out of your comfort zone and attempt actions you never thought you would ever try.

This is real, every day bravery.

Which means you are a brave human being. You have the courage to go after what you want, to remove any limitations to your actions, to just say “I am worth it!’

If your manager is not giving you enough information to complete the project, start asking questions. Most workers are given their task, then go and try to figure it out. You other team members hunker down as well, all in hope of discovering what the boss truly wants. You get this crazy idea, ‘Why don’t I just ask the boss to clarify what she wants?

This does take a bit of bravery as no one ever questions the boss.

You need information to guide your decision and the boss is the only one who knows what they want. Take the initiative to ensure that you are confident in moving forward.

If you get questioned, be as honest as you can and advise your team mates that you were not clear. If you are not clear, the project will be incomplete. It is up to you. You can do this.

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Joanne Victoria